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Frequently Asked Questions
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May I contribute as many videos as I want? While I appreciate your interest in doing so, I would like only the necessary videos necessary for students to successfully pass the OGT test. I am most interested in receiving types of OGT questions which are not currently included and videos associated with them. Having too many questions and videos, may cause some students to avoid watching any of them. I will view any videos that are suggested. Please submit a Feedback if you have any questions.

I do not feel comfortable providing the optional information, do I need to do so? No. I am gathering this information so that I can recognize and correspond with the contributors. If you do not care about being recognized, then it is unnecessary to provide this information. This information will not be shared with others outside of this project. The plan is to show your Screen Name, School Name, and Affiliation to others, not your actual name or email address.

Why do you have videos that are not applicable to these questions? If you have a video that is better, please suggest it. Some of these videos are not as applicable as I would like, others are very well-suited for the question.

How did you identify the current videos? I enlisted the help of my daughter and her friend. I even found a few on my own. To make this work in the future, I need help from others, especially teachers, to identify the best videos.