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This is a beta version and you may encounter issues as you use this service. The goal of this project is to include all of the various types of questions on the Mathematics subject portion of the Ohio Graduation Test along with video(s) necessary to solve each question. Currently, it includes all of the Spring 2009 test questions and an assortment of videos.

Hopefully, Ohio students and teachers will find this service to be beneficial. Your video contributions are welcome....(read more)

Answer: E

Test Year: 2009

Content Standard: Number Sense

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What should I do if I choose an incorrect answer? Review the videos again. If the videos do not address the content, request help from your friends, parents, or teacher. If you are aware that there is a better video that would address the question, please click contribute.

Why are there no "short answer" answers? They were not provided by the Ohio Department of Education.